“Lo-jack for Laptops” … What’s your Elevator Pitch?

April 2, 2009

Well, the results of my last blog are in … I was contacted by many of you who were pleased that I was able to effect the termination of the CEO of that dastardly organization I mentioned in my last writing.  (Would that I were that influential !!)  My sister-in-law, Viki, noted that the CEO “really got his comeuppance.”  I couldn’t help but think that his leaving with a $23 Million golden parachute was a pretty cushy comeuppance. 

One terrific result of the last edition is it allowed me to reconnect with many friends and colleagues who I had not talked with for as much as 25 years.  It’s amazing how disconnected we get from people we care about, or those who were an important part of our lives for a significant period of time.  I heard from one friend, Barb, who I’ve known for every day of my 55+ years.  Another, Jerry, retired from SRPD and now lives in Napa and is working as a security consultant for a software company he affectionately refers to as “Lo-jack for laptops.” (Absolute Software Corp.)  Hey Jerry, why hasn’t everybody heard of “Lo-jack for Laptops?”  It’s a catchy phrase capitalizing on a bit of alliteration; everyone should know instantly what the product is about.  Come to think of it, maybe everyone does know about it and I’m the only one that’s clueless!

We all know about the elevator pitch right? … the essence of your business articulated in 15 to 20 seconds, purportedly the time it takes to ride the elevator to your destination.  In grad school, UC Irvine had very slow elevators, resulting in much longer pitches.  (You know the pitch where you’re sorry you asked and you wished that your office was on the 2nd floor; or that you had taken the stairs!)  I think Absolute Software Corp. now holds the world record for the shortest elevator pitch.  I tried to say it and time myself at the same time.  My tongue and eyes don’t work well at the same time (I stumbled and couldn’t even focus on the stop watch) but I think it was under two seconds.  As we move to smaller, lighter more portable technology, I’m thinking that Lo-jack for Laptops is a product whose time has arrived. 

So this begs the question.  Do you have your “elevator pitch” down pat?  Is it 15-20 seconds? Does it roll off your tongue without even having to think about it?  Do most or all of your employees know it? 

If the answer is “No” to any of the above questions, please put it near the top of your Things to Do list.  Those of you who are my consulting clients (yes … you know who you are) expect that I will be asking about this during our next conversation.

Mike Stockwell writes this blog for his clients, friends and frankly, for his own entertainment.  Mike is the founder of The Pacific Group – Business Advisory Services and works with owners and executives small and mid-size businesses in California and Hawaii, helping them to bring balance back to their lives and take their business to the next level.  Find out more about Mike and his business at: www.TPG-BAS.com and contact him at Mike@TPG-BAS.com


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