Common Sense … again

October 30, 2011

I’m concerned about our country.

I’m concerned …

… about the hyperbole dominating our dialogue

… that politicians right and left offer “solutions” only
when situations reach crisis levels.

… that some of the “cures” seem to be worse than the malady

… that private interests control so very much of what we
see, hear, and what happens in government.

I’m concerned that the voice of people, the interests of
the common man has been drowned out by the hyperbole; by the shouting; by the

I’m concerned that the wisest of us about how to address
our own challenges is being discounted, disregarded, and has become disengaged.

I’m concerned that the very solutions we so desperately
need in America today are locked away in the heads and hearts of the average
American …who is and remains amazingly silent.

It’s time for the Average American to show up.

It’s time for the Average American to speak up.

It’s time for the Average American to find his or her
voice and take back your country.

Democracy demands it; we deserve it.

America needs it … desperately.

Mike Stockwell writes
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