I’ve been a cop, a catcher, a poet, a pilot, but never a king;

I’ve been up and down and over and out … and I know one thing,

Each time I …… well you get the picture.

Yes I’ve done a lot of things and been very fortunate to have been successful at some of them.  That IS life!  And now I’m on a bit of a new adventure.  I continue to operate my consulting practice and will continue to develop it.  But I’ve moved from Hawaii back to the mainland (Corona del Mar) with frequent visits to Panama and will work with U.S. – Pacific and Pacific Southwest, Panamanian and possibly other clients in the Americas as I continue this journey.

Just as I have been fortunate in business, I too have been fortunate to have raised (with primary credit to Wendy) two great kids who are now responsible, successful adults with children of their own.  The love of my life is Panamanian and is fluent in two languages.  My work provides me a great deal of flexibility to work with whomever I care to.  And I am free to pursue life wherever it finds me or I find it.  Hence, Hawaii, Corona del Mar, Central and South America!

But enough about me.  Life truly is a journey and I’m awake and aware and living this journey.  In this blog, “Reflections 09″ I will share some of what I see, experience and feel.  I invite you to comment on the blog site or write me at my lifetime address: mstockwell01@gsm.uci.edu.

Hasta luego mi amigas y amigos!


2 Responses to “About Mike”

  1. Roohi said

    Hi Mike – well I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from your blog – and your article about GMAC was great!! Hope you’re keeping well – what’s this about moving back to the mainland?

    Keep in touch, and/or keep writing the blog – it’s great!! Hey – I have an idea – would you mind if I posted it on our website (www.neighborhoodnow.com) – with your author credit etc. of course – I’d love to have articles so well written like that on our site. We got over 1,000,000 hits (nationally) last year – interested?

    Let me know,

  2. Maggie said

    Ola Senior Mike,
    How’s it?
    Gone already?
    I kept thinking I’d catch you at the gym some morning yte no such luck.
    Be safe in your travels and above all ENJOY!
    Aloha hugs,

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