Hello world!

March 19, 2009

Hmmmm … my first blog.

Wait! I’m 55 years old … what am I doing here?!   I know what I’m doing here … experiencing writer’s block, first hand! … kidding.

I have plenty to say … REFLECTIONS will be my venue. Though it will be linked to my business site and others, please don’t expect it to simply address business topics. Life’s too short … and too rich … and too important … and filled with so many experiences, people, opportunities, expectations, disappointments and stuff that to limit my voice to just one topic would be … well, not good. And while we’re on the topic of expectations, disappointments and rules, and in my inimitable style for laying the groundwork early, let’s establish a few rules here.

  1. There are no rules
  2. I will post when I please and about what I please. This is Musings 101 and it’s for fun!
  3. If anyone takes anything I say here too seriously … shame on you!
  4. If you expect something from me on a particular schedule … shame on you!

I am here to write, to give voice to my thoughts (and electrons to my voice), to share a funny story, an interesting observation, thoughts on an event, opinions about something good, bad, happy or sad. I hope that through sharing I can plant a seed, cause you to crack a smile, disturb you, knock you back on your heels, motivate you to think about something you may not have considered, or simply give you an chance to look at something in a slightly different way. Perhaps what I write will make both of us smile. That would be good. That would be enough.

Let’s get started … shall we?

Mike Stockwell writes this blog for his clients, friends and frankly, for his own entertainment.  Mike is the founder of The Pacific Group – Business Advisory Services and works with owners and executives small and mid-size businesses in California and Hawaii, helping them to bring balance back to their lives and take their business to the next level.  Find out more about Mike and his business at: www.TPG-BAS.com and contact him at Mike@TPG-BAS.com 


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